We at Black Gold provide complete solution for access control for residential and commercial purposes.

Our in-house technical team offer selections of different access control systems so you’ll be able to choose the system that’s perfect for you, we’re completely autonomous and never tied to a single product, you could be assured we’ll choose the perfect access control solution.

Advantages of Access Control System
In the electronic door access control system, when the visitor presents the credentials to the reader, it transfers the credential to the access control panel to verify the given credentials with the access list to grant or deny permission to the visitor.

  • Entry time, exit time and failed access attempts can be recorded with an advanced report
  • Automatic alarm system can be implemented and linked to mobile phones, etc
  •  Access time can set into the access control panel
  • Bio metric readers can be used as an access control to avoid transfer of access to an unauthorized person

Our access control machines can be easily integrated with existing modules. Check out the basic features of our access control package.

  • Can work with any form of access control like fingerprint, hand geometry, RFID, etc
  • Easy integration with existing access control modules
  • RFID Smartcard access can be generated using the ID Card Printer
  • Visitor management system with national ID reader
  • Customized ID card printing software for card access control system
  • Advanced reports and provision to include new reports

We provide following types of Access Control Systems

  • Door Access Control System
  • Lift Access Control System
  • Time Attendance System


Elevator Access Control 

This allows for operating elevators and has alarms for emergency and failure. We provide the professional support and design to implement this structural system.

Door Access Control 

Maintains authorized access into a location through access cards. The system has data stored for specific individuals who can access restricted areas. 

Time Attendance System

Time and attendance systems are used to track and monitor when employees start and stop work. A time and attendance system enables an employer to monitor their employees working hours and late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks.

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